Tuya Smart Wall Switch SW02 User Manual

Wifi&Blutooth Smart Wall Switch User Manual






When pairing, the red light will flash.


When the pairing is successful, the red light will be off.


The switch status indicates the green light can be set according to the “light

Modethe” can be 3 kinds of indication status



SW02 Series



Technical Parameters


Working voltage: AC100—240V, 50/60HZ

Rated load: Less than 1100W

Wireless Type: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (NOTE: not support 5GHz)

Input voltage: AC100—240V, 50/60HZ

Power consumption: <0.5W

Working temperature: 0°C~40°C

Wifi indicator blue, switch status indicator green.



Installation steps:

1) Neutral wire(Required), but not always present. You should to get it before Installation.

2) Ground wire(Optional) suggest to connect up.

3) Line/Load* wire(Required). Connect the Load*/Line wires correctly.

They are not interchangeable. If you can’t ensure which wires is line

and which is load, simply try one configuration.

Note: verify all the connections are correctly and wire nuts are screwed


What is a neutral wire?

A neutral wire allows our switch to be powered while simultaneously allowing the lighting circuit

connected to your lights to be power off.

Do | have neutral wires?

  1. If your house was built in the mid-1980s or later, there is an excellent chance that you have
  2. neutrals everywhere in your home.
  3. If there is an outlet (wall receptacle) near the switch, most likely that switch box has a neutral.
  4. Switches that are ganged together have a much higher likelihood of having neutrals, no matter what year.

Checking the switch box

  1. The best way is to check the actual wires in the switch box where you want to install .
  2. Please observe all safety precautions before handling the electrical wiring in your switch boxes.
  3. Turn off your breaker box.
  4. Take off the trim plate over the switch.
  5. Remove the screws from your switch and pull out the existing switch to look at the wires.
  6. If you see a white wire (or group of them), it is VERY likely that you have a neutral.


The only way to be absolutely sure that you have found a neutral wire is to check the voltage (110V/120V) between the white wire and the “hot” (usually black in color) wire in the box. In a standard switch/dimmer, the “hot” is using one of the two wires connected to the switch.


Please note:

Recommended installation by professional electrician



How to download App?

Scan the QR code below or search “Smart life” / “Tuya Smart” in OS APP store or Google play to download.

Supported smart phone system: Android 4.4 above \ IOS 8.0 above



Step 1: Registration and login “Smart life” APP.


If you don’t have the account of “Smart life” APP, register an account or sign in with cellphone number + verification code. This page describes the Registration process.



1. Tap “Register” in the upper right (Step 1).

2. The system automatically determines your country /area. You can also

select your country code by yourself. Enter the cellphone number or

E-mail address and then tap “Next” (Step 2).



3. If you enter mobile cellphone number, you will get verification code in few seconds, then enter the verification code in the message (Step 3), enter password, tap”Done”to finish your registration.

4. If you enter E-mail address, you will get verification code in your E-mail in few seconds, and then enter the verification code in your E-mail,enter password (Step 4), tap “Done “to finish your registration




How to connect to the Internet?


This smart switch has a variety of paring network modes, mainly talking about fast and default paring network modes.


A: Fast paring network mode

A-1. Turn on the phone Bluetooth



A-2. Make sure the red light of the smart switch flashes quickly. (If it does not flash quickly, please press and hold any button for more than 5 seconds until the red light flashes quickly.),At this time, the factory settings will be

temporarily restored, if the red light blinking stage is not connected to the new network, in order to prevent accidental deletion, the smart switch will be connected to the last successful pairing network

A-3. Open the “Smart life” APP and click on the “+” in the upper right corner

A-4. The Bluetooth of the mobile phone and the smart switch will automatically communicate, the APP will pop up the device that can be configured with the network, click “go to add”



A-5 After clicking “+” again, enter the network name and password (but not Smart life’s) to be connected to, and click “confirm” to proceed to the next step

A-6. Modify the name of the smart switch to facilitate identification, click “Done”. At this point, the smart switch is connected to the Internet, and you can use a third-party APP to control it.



A-7,For more personalized settings of the smart switch, please enter and click “” in the lower right corner




A-8,Multiple switches control one light function



B:default paring network modes


B-1: Make sure the red light of the smart switch flashes quickly. (If it does not flash quickly, please press and hold any button for more than 5 seconds until the red light flashes quickly.),then the switch enter the factory reset mode and also paring network modes.

B-2: Make sure your mobile phone is connected to WiFi(Just support 2.4GHz but not 5GHz) in your home. Click “+” in the upper right corner of the homepage. Then select “Switch(WiFi)”.



B-3: Enter your WiFi password (but not Smart life’ s) and then click “Next”,

APP will enter searching device mode.

Note: Make sure your phone and device are as close to your router as possible.



B-4: Device added successfully, then rename the device name and choose the device location. Tap ‘Done’ enter the device page.


Long press the switch 1, switch 2, switch 3 on the APP, then you can modify the name, you can modify the name according to your preferences, easy to operate,Convenient Alexa and Google assistant voice control.


B-5.For more settings, see A-7&A-8


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