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Russell Hunter Street Smart Roulette! Russell Hunter Publishing Inc. Street Smart Roulette! ©2015 Russell Hunter and Russell Hunter Publishing Inc. All rights reserved. Except for brief passages used in legitimate reviews, no parts of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without the written permission of the publisher. Address all inquiries to the publisher: Russell Hunter Publishing Inc 5901-J Wyoming NE, Suite 305 Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 United States of America The material contained in this book is intended to inform and educate the reader and in no way represents an inducement to gamble legally or illegally. This publication is designed to provide an independent viewpoint and analysis of the subject matter. The publisher and the author disclaim all legal responsibility for any personal loss or liability caused by the use of any of the information contained herein. Questions about this publication may be addressed to: [email protected] Published in the United States of America Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 2 Table of Contents Chapter Page Introduction 4 About Roulette 21 How the Casino Views You 27 How You Can Gain an Edge 41 Your Bankroll 53 Roulette: Rules of Play 62 Gambling Systems 74 Patterns and Trends 86 Betting Progressions 90 Summary of Roulette Bets 98 The Street Smart Bets 100 The Street Smart Roulette System 103 The Street Smart Betting System 106 Playing a Game Where Zeros Show 113 Street Smart Roulette Money Management 118 How Street Smart Roulette Did in Long-term Play 121 Skilful Play 127 Discipline and Control 133 Getting Casino Comps 142 Casino Etiquette 150 Keeping Records 152 Summary of Street Smart Roulette 155 Going Home a Winner 159 Appendix A Locations of Legal Roulette Wheels 162 Appendix B Location of Single Zero Wheels in Land-Based Casinos 164 Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 3 Introduction There is a New Way of Playing Roulette That Beats Every Roulette Game Offered Today! It Was Developed by a Swiss Genius Who Discovered That Roulette Numbers Always Appear in Sets! Then He Developed a Unique System That Catches Winning Numbers With 99.37% Efficiency! Here Are the Facts – Once you learn Street Smart Roulette you’ll easily win thousands of dollars a day! And, you will do it anywhere you like including both land-based and online games! Developed by a Swiss engineer, Street Smart Roulette is so good that several casino bosses have threatened to close down their roulette wheels. Yet because it is 100% legal there is not a thing the casinos can do to prevent you from winning! Here’s How It Works – Street Smart Roulette is based on the theory of using Sets of Numbers to win at roulette! It consists of making Sets of Bets that automatically catch winning numbers! It is so good that it has a documented 99.37% win rate! In other words, it is just about Unstoppable! Street Smart Roulette Is Nothing Like Any Other Roulette System! It has nothing to do with wheel clocking, dealer signatures or finding unbalanced wheels. It is not just another progressive betting scheme! Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 4 It is a one-of-a-kind system that finds winning numbers better than any system I have ever seen!! And, there is no roulette game that can withstand its relentless Set-Based Winning System! It easily beats online versions of roulette! It just rolls over land-based games! It even beats the electronic versions of the game! Plus, It Takes Almost No Money to Get Started! You can get started with just $50! And, making small bets won’t limit your winnings! As a $2 bettor you can easily average winning $1144 an hour playing online! Skeptical? It you stick with me I’ll show you how you can use this Perfected Winning Strategy to set up your own “$1,144 an Hour Money Machine” on your very first day! Street Smart Is a Revolutionary New Way of Playing Roulette That Turns the Game on Its Head! Hi, I’m Russell Hunter. Besides trading stocks, I am also a successful winning gambler. Over the years I have discovered a small number of excellent gambling systems. But nothing prepared me for what I recently learned in Las Vegas! Developed by a Swiss engineer, Street Smart Roulette uses Sets of Bets to catch winning numbers with almost uncanny precision! It is so effective at beating the game that casino bosses are scared to death of players who know this system! We Have Just Finished an Extensive Test of Street Smart Roulette and Are Blown Away By the Results! Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 5 Street Smart Roulette wins an astounding 99.37% of the time! And, since Street Smart Roulette does not depend on physical wheels, it is just as effective at beating online and automated versions of roulette! One of our players Richard M. said, “This system is scary good! I’ve never lost with it!” • Street Smart Roulette is perfect for land-based roulette. Tested against games in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, France and Monaco it easily beats both single and double-zero wheels! • Street Smart Roulette is the perfect way to make money online. Online players consistently win $7,000 to $12,000 a week playing just a few hours a week! • Street Smart Roulette has a unique built-in money management system so that every win advances your profits! You never have to play catch up with this system! • Street Smart Roulette is a proven system used by real players in real casinos. Unlike theoretical systems which are supposed to win but don’t, this system builds real fortunes for real players! Street Smart Roulette Wins Huge Amounts Making Tiny Bets! Many roulette systems require large bankrolls and operate on the theory that “you must risk a lot of money to win a little!” Because Street Smart Roulette is so good at catching winning numbers you don’t have to bet much to win a lot! With this system you will win large amounts making small bets! In fact, if you can spare just $50 you can win $25,000 in your first two days! Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 6 Every Street Smart Win Pays Off at 11 to 1! Many roulette systems just play the even-money bets and plod along with slow winnings. Other systems try for long-shot bets paying 35 to 1 and have long dry spells between wins. Street Smart Roulette hits the sweet spot. Instead of relying on long-shot bets that pay off at 35 to 1 but are hard to hit, Street Smart Roulette sets up “Sets of Bets” that automatically catch not only repeating numbers but All Numbers in a Set! Using Sets of Bets is like setting up Traps to catch numbers that will appear in every cycle of roulette! And, each Street Smart win pays off at 11 to 1! While this sounds complicated, it’s not. In fact, I have it down to a simple betting system that wins with 99.37% precision! And, you won’t need an elaborate tracking system or a computer to win. All you have to do is know which number showed on the last spin! That is all the information it takes to win! Street Smart Roulette Offers a Proven Way to Win $10,000 to $35,000 Every Week! I won over $7,000 yesterday playing roulette online. Two days before that I won $11,000 playing roulette in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas! In both cases I started out with a small bankroll and only increased the size of my bets as my winnings grew. While many systems require large bankrolls because they chase losses, with Street Smart Roulette you can always start with small bets and only increase the size of your bets as your winnings multiply! This is the perfect system for players who want to win big without risking much money! Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 7 With Street Smart Roulette you bet small amounts to win big! Arnold L., one of our UK players, says, “Risk a penny to win a pound. That’s the principle here and it kills the bloody casinos!” Jake, a Degenerate Dice Player, Interrupted My Breakfast with Some Interesting News! Everyone has his or her routines. I like to eat breakfast at Bally’s Coffee Shop on Thursday mornings. Many of my old gambling buddies know that I can be found there. Seven months ago my meal had just arrived when Jake, an old craps player arrived at my table. Jake is addicted to craps. He pretty much plays six days a week and takes off Wednesday for some reason known only to him. Jake looked pretty confident when we walked up so I knew that he probably wasn’t going to hit me up for a new gambling stake. He asked if he could sit and I invited him to join me. He ordered coffee and some sweet rolls while I watched him. I could tell he wanted to share something. “There’s something going on at the Mirage.” I wasn’t in the mood for puzzles. “Yeah, there’s a whole lot of gambling going on over there. What else is new?” “I met a man the other night who is giving their roulette pit fits.” “What’s he doing? He’s not winning too much is he?” “How did you know? He has been playing there just about every night. The thing is that he never seems to lose.” He had my attention. “Tell me more.” “I watched him last night for about 45 minutes. He made a few bets and then waited. Crazy as it seems I didn’t see him lose a bet.” Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 8 “What was he doing?” Jake told me what he knew. I made a mental note to follow up on this. Two days later I ran into a shift boss from the MGM Grand at another of my hangouts. I Had Just Walked Into the Restaurant When Tony B. Caught My Eye I was heading for a lunch meeting with a real estate developer who wanted to tell me about some land he was selling when Tony B. waved me over. I walked to his table and said hello. Tony had a worried look when I asked him how he was doing. “We got a problem over at the Grand.” “Everybody’s got some kind of problem. What is it, resistant cocktail waitresses that won’t go out with you?” He shook his finger at me. “Not those kinds of problems. I mean a real problem. It started about two weeks ago and is getting worse.” He explained that a there was a player who was playing roulette just about every night. He had started out small and now had moved up to making $100 bets and higher. I listened without much sympathy. “There will always be lucky players. And you guys are masters at keeping them playing until you win it back. What’s different about this guy.” Tony leaned over with a furrowed brow. “The problem is that this guy never loses. Not even once.” I remembered that Jake had described a tall blonde man who spoke with a German accent who was beating the Mirage. I asked Tony if this description fit the guy. “That’s the one He uses a player card so I checked him out. His name is Cedric Betz from Zurich, Switzerland.” “Tell me more about him.” Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 9 “You seem to know what he looks like. I meet him the other night. He is polite and very cold. He looks at you with steel blue eyes that seem to look right through you.” “But, its not his eyes that are bothering you, is it?” “Hell no. It’s his winning.” Tony explained that they had done all of their usual survalence. They had switched dealers and even reviewed videotapes of his play. “We even closed a wheel down and had a mechanic check it to make sure it was in balance. Natch, it was.” I listened for about five more minutes. “Tell you what Tony. I’ll try to come by and meet Mr. Betz. Sounds like an interesting guy. Tony nodded. “When you do tell him to spread his play around. Tell him to try Caesars for a change. Tony had been fired by Caesars Palace several years ago and had never forgiven them. “I’ll see what I can do,” I said as I left for my meeting. The Next Night I Got a Call From Tony I picked up the phone and heard, “He’s back.” I recognized Tony’s voice. I’ll be down in a few minutes. “Oh I’m sure he’ll still be here. He’s playing roulette in the high-limit room. Last time I checked he was up $11,000 with no signs of slowing down. You can’t miss him. He’s wearing a beige sports coat and dark slacks. Look for the killer eyes. You can’t miss him.” About thirty minutes later I walked into the MGM Grand’s high-limit area. He wasn’t hard to spot. He was at the $100 minimum single-zero wheel. He had several stacks of $1,000 chips in front of him. He was playing calmly like a shark feeding on a school of herring. Street Smart Roulette  '2015 Russell Hunter Publishing Inc  All Rights Reserved 10

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