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A.I.P.S. Issue 1 2016 Connections www.ahmadibrahimpri.moe.edu.sg 10 Yishun Street 11 Singapore 768643 On 4 January 2016, – the first day of the new school semester, Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School had the honour of starting off its year with the Acting Minister of Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng and Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education, Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim. Through our ‘Breakfast With Love’ platform, parents, teachers and students had the privilege of meeting and conversing with Acting Minister Ng and Dr Faishal, coupled with photo-taking sessions to commemorate the event. Upon addressing the attendees about the importance of a primary school education and the launch of the parent-child activity book, ‘Wow, You’re In Primary School’, Acting Minister Ng visited some of the inviting classrooms that had been prepared for our students. Parents were invited to visit the conducive learning environment and interact with their children’s Primary 1 form and co-form teachers. ‘Circle Time’ was conducted to promote bonding and allow interaction between parents, the student and teachers. Many parents shared their appreciation of being invited into the classroom to be involved in the activity, citing that it offered a more in-depth understanding of their children’s transition into a primary school. In all, it was an honour to have had the Acting Minister of Education, Mr Ng Chee Meng and Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education, Associate Professor Dr. Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim visit Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, to start the year off in good stead. Our older students were excited to see the new faces joining them as part of the AIPS family, and our new Primary 1 students, while nervous at the start of the day, were excited to return to school the following day and start their journey of learning. Quality Staff G C , C P ! rowinG a lass ultivatinG a raCtiCe Ideas Party, an annual event for teachers to share effective pedagogies with their colleagues, was held in December 2015. The theme for the Ideas Party was ‘As you grow your class, cultivate your own practice’. Our Senior Teacher for English, Mrs Michelle Tan, began the session with a story to remind our colleagues of the need to continue learning and honing our professional mastery. This was followed by the breakout sessions. A total of seven different presentations were conducted by colleagues who were eager to share what they had learnt from trying out various innovative techniques in class as well as what had worked and what had been modified for future lessons. There were four sessions dedicated to the use of ICT as a tool in lessons. Sessions were fully subscribed. This signals the importance of engaging the students through purposeful use of technology. A big thank you to all the presenters for all the effort they had put in to ‘grow’ the teachers! leGo- inG at B G otaniC ardens To end the year off with a bang, staff at AIPS headed to the Botanic Gardens on 23 November for a retreat. The theme for the retreat was creative thinking and innovation through building blocks and what better way to do that than with LEGO! As the staff walked into the session, they were greeted with bricks that brought out the inner child in every one. As the day progressed, there was much play, but not without thinking out of the box. Teams came together to share their knowledge, problem-solve and find innovative solutions to the difficulties they faced whilst creating their LEGO story. It was definitely a session enjoyed by one and all. r r a ! est and elax way In an effort to promote staff bonding, AIPS organises its Rest and Relax Day annually. It is an opportunity for all staff to play, chat and relax together. The F-cube committee arranges an array of activities that appeals to the staff’s interests like baking, dancing, picture book designing and even photography skills. This year, the Rest and Relax Day was held on 27 May. There were three activities organised – baking, fitness and art and craft. Mdm Mabel Chia and Mdm Rohana led the staff in baking puff pastries while a group of trainers from Fitness First led a group of fitness enthusiasts in their fitness routine. Last but not least, Mdm Wong Suk Mee taught budding artists to design their very own picture books. The teachers were grateful to end the semester with these fun-filled activities! 2 Holistic Education u y sherinG in the ear M of the onkey The annual Chinese New Year celebrations were held on 5 February this year. As in previous years, our School Advisory Committee (SAC) members and the elderly from Sree Narayana Mission Home were invited to join in the celebrations. The highlight of the concert was the Lion Dance and the accompanying Monkey mascot that had been invited. On top of that, there were performances by the Chinese Dance, Harmonica Ensemble and Choir as well as sing-along sessions and a quiz to share snippets of information on Chinese New Year. Classroom activities were organised and conducted for all levels. Teachers engaged the students on Chinese New Year culture and practices through Powerpoint slides and videos. It was a meaningful day for the teachers and pupils. G r t P CdaC uided eadinG at oa ayoh The CL department reading committee conducted one of its outreach programmes at Toa Payoh CDAC at OnePeople.sg Building on 7 May to give a guided reading session for children from ages five to eight. Children were engaged in listening to a story on “Shou Huang Hou” (A queen who is very slim). Thereafter, they drew in their reading portfolio, which was provided by the CDAC, as well as customised their bookmarks by decorating different fruits and colourful patterns on them. Teachers had a great time with the children and the children had a wonderful time receiving presents and laminated bookmarks they had made on their own. 3 Holistic Education a C s hanCe to CraBBle This year on 2 April, the AIPS Malay Department took part in the annual Hawazi Daipi Challenge Trophy (Scrabble Competition) Cendekia Sahibba National Competition for primary, secondary and junior colleges organised by Bishan Park Secondary School. It was a good platform for students to think creatively and critically using the Malay Language. The activity also encouraged the use of Malay Language while enriching the participants with a wider scope of the Malay vocabulary. It helped to inculcate a sense of camaraderie in a healthy competitive environment. The students had a fruitful and enriching learning experience and enjoyed their journey of learning. a a - t d PPreCiation of the rts aMil raMa On 4 February, Primary 5 Tamil pupils were brought to Goodsman Art Centre to watch a fun- filled Tamil Drama inspired by real events in Singapore in the 1930s. The title of the drama is “Katiyangaran Manickam”. Pupils recalled the history of Singapore as to how artists came to Singapore to provide entertainment to people through drama and music. Incorporating artists of other races highlights the unique quality of multiculturalism in Singapore. It was a good exposure for the pupils as they got a chance to see how the characters were portrayed. aiPs h f ealth est Held on 5 February, the annual AIPS Health Fest aims to encourage our students to get active and exercise! A series of exciting activities such as the Roving Carnivals, Drink Up! Package, Mass Exercise and Captain’s Ball were organised for our students. Students were also introduced to interesting traditional games and they played five stones, pick-up sticks, paper ball, gasing and kuti kuti. Many of our teachers played alongside the students and engaged them in various ways. The Papa, Mama and Me Games Fair was held on the same day! The objective of the fair is to promote family bonding amongst children and their parents as they sit together and plan games for the student population at AIPS. And they did not disappoint! Games like Minute to win it, Archery Games, The Sniper, Ring Toss, Tic-Tac-Toe, Spinning Top and Chapteh were organised for the enjoyment of all pupils. This year, the Health Fest included a Drink Up! package which was introduced in view of the humid climate in Singapore. An assembly programme was held to share with pupils the importance of drinking water, which was followed by activities that were conducted in class. With all that went on, it was an enriching and purposeful day for the students. aiPs C ares The school’s annual Care Carnival was held on 19 and 20 May 2016. The objective of this carnival is to promote and foster care among the school community. Our teachers and staff donated generously to the Jumble Sale and the funds collected were channelled to help our school’s FAS (Financial Assistance Scheme) pupils. Adopting the feedback given last year, an “Appreciation Stall” was also set up for pupils to pen their thanks and gratitude to their teachers and friends. The stickers at the stall were highly sought after by the pupils as they added a ‘bling’ to their ‘Thank You’ notes. Another new addition was the games stall manned by our FAS pupils. Pupils could play the games, test their skill and luck, and walk away with delightful prizes. The FAS pupils were supported by our teachers, Ms Eliza Goh, Mdm Tan Su Hui and Mdm Wong Suk Mee. All in all, the Care Carnival was a success and AIPS would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this meaningful cause. 4 Holistic Education e C B f ! nGlish an e un As part of a whole school approach in promoting literacy, lessons were set aside from 7 to 11 March and a series of engaging and interactive English Language games and activities were conducted in school. Students participated eagerly in various fun-filled activities, ranging from Learning Walls Quiz, Captions Contest, Spelling Bee, National Library Board (NLB) Mass Borrowing to Library Challenge. An array of exciting English Language games such as Charades, Taboo, Pictionary and Scrabble were also organised for the students. To encourage reading amongst our students, the English Week ended with the most anticipated Character Parade. With creativity and individuality, all our teachers and students brought the various characters to life by fashioning costumes and props made out of seemingly unpromising material such as toilet paper, rags and random pieces of cardboard. In order to further support the development of a vibrant English culture at AIPS, English Rocks Your Socks has also been introduced to the students. Through the introduction of thematic packages like Heroes, students will learn common vocabulary, phrases and idioms which will help develop students into effective communicators. In Term 3, other thematic packages on food and animals will be introduced. In addition, good phrases to be used when ordering food in the canteen and asking for permission to go to the toilet will be put up at the canteen stalls and water coolers respectively. All in all, it provides a good platform to immerse our students in the English culture. f w t un ith anGraM Lower primary students of AIPS were in for a treat as they embarked on a Mathematics programme over four or five periods of curriculum time in Semester One. This is uniquely and specially designed for the Primary One to Three students using a Mathematics manipulative, Tangram. In order to stimulate interest in the learning of Mathematics through engaging and interactive activities and to increase students’ success and confidence in Mathematics through building a strong foundation, bringing students through a hands-on programme is vital in AIPS. Through the use of tangrams, we hope to develop the spatial-visualisation skills of students in geometric figures. It also aims to develop and enhance thinking and problem-solving skills in an effective and interesting manner for the students. The activities that are designed for the different levels help to nurture students’ intrapersonal and social intelligence by working collaboratively with peers. l u B a et s atik way Introduced for the first time this year, all Primary Six pupils were involved in Batik Painting lessons in Semester One. As part of the lessons, the pupils learnt the traditional technique of tie-dye. It was a wholesome experience as they were given opportunities to make predictions, discover outcomes and record results. The session concluded with the pupils crafting their very own batik piece, which were assessed by the teachers on creativity, colouring skills and technique used. It was a wonderful learning for one and all! 5 Holistic Education s d Couts ay C J w oMMeMoration and oB eek Scout’s Day AIPS commemorated the annual Scout’s Day on 22 February which coincides with the birthday of the Scouts’ founder, Lord Baden Powell. For the first time, 15 cub scouts, accompanied by their teachers, went on stage to renew and reaffirm the Scout Promise and Scout Law and show their steadfastness in upholding the positive values of Scouting, during the morning assembly. The assembly was a simple yet meaningful ceremony for the students. Scouts Job Week The annual Scouts Job Week celebrates the spirit of helping others and extending a helping hand to others. This year, the cub scouts went out into the neighbourhood to offer assistance to the residents as a step in engaging the community. On 12 March, Saturday, 60 cub scouts, together with 4 teachers, went into the neighbourhood and assisted the residents in daily chores such as folding and hanging clothes and clearing the trash. Through this event, the cub scouts learn the importance of helping others and most importantly, they learn positive values and get to reinforce them at home. At the end of the event, the students were tired but they felt that the activity was meaningful and enriching. The event was a success and the cub scouts managed to raise a total of $1000 from both days. P5 & P6 CCe CaMP Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) camps have always been an unforgettable learning experience for our students year after year. This year, the Primary 5 and Primary 6 CCE camps were held at the beginning of the year to create the opportunity for the students to have fun together as a class and bond. In line with the school’s vision, ‘Leaders of Character, Learners for Life’, the CCE camps serve as a platform for the students to display their individual leadership qualities. Exciting activities were planned for students to learn values through collaboration and team work. One of the highlights of the Primary 6 camp was the outdoor cooking experience. Students were patient and displayed teamwork and respect during the entire cooking process. At the end of the cooking experience, happy faces could be seen as all tucked into the delicious spaghetti they had cooked together in teams. The Primary 5 students also shared the same enthusiasm during their camp as they took part in the team games as well as problem solving activities. In the process, students learnt how to communicate effectively and work together. Through the CCE camps, the 3R values – Respect, Resilience and Responsibility were evidently translated into actions by our AIPS students. It was definitely a fun learning for one and all! 6 Holistic Education P ’ i refeCts nvestiture The annual Prefects’ Investiture was held on 10 March this year. The ceremony witnessed the appointment of 32 new prefects who had successfully completed the prefects’ training. The newly appointed Head Prefect, Sazzlyanna Binte Sazali and Assistant Head Prefect, Kodukula Krishna Teja, were also sworn in during the ceremony. The ceremony began with an opening address from our principal, Mrs Goh, and ended with all prefects reciting the Prefect’s Pledge. It was a significant moment for the prefects and a proud moment for all the parents who had especially taken the time off to grace the occasion. We wish the prefects success in their journey towards becoming Leaders of Character, Learners for Life. aiPs a ChieveMents As part of the AIPS’ departments’ efforts to stretch our students’ potential, entries were sent in for various competitions. We are proud to announce that we have winners in the following competitions: Haiku Competition Grand Prize Winner: Tan Xuan En, 5 Care Chong Pang IAEC Tamil Language Competition Name Class Category Award Adhithi Veerappan 1 Resilience Fancy Dress Consolation Vasanthakumar Kaavinya 2 Respect Speech & Drama Consolation Ananthitha Yathukulan 4 Resilience Story Telling Consolation Kannabiran Sahaana 4 Resilience Story Telling 3rd Prize Kathiravan Divya 4 Diligence Story Telling 2nd Prize Hearty congratulations to all our stars! 7 Holistic Education SASMO and Kangaroo Math Award Winners CoMPetitions (sasMo) Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6 Math kanGaroo (sMkC) Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6 National Story Challenge 2016 The National Story Challenge is a three-week competition organised by the National Library Board and The Theatre Practice. The main aim of the competition is to cultivate young talents in their spontaneity, creativity and acting skills. This year, the competition was held before the March holidays, from 27 February to 12 March. Two individuals and two teams from the Chinese (CL) and Malay (ML) departments were chosen to represent the school. This is the first time the ML department took part in this competition. The results, as follow, were encouraging – ML Department CL Department Individual Category – both reached the semi-finals Team Category – reached the finals Team Category – Emerged as first runner-up As a cherry on the cake, the first runner-up team has been invited to perform at the MTL Symposium in August 2016. It was definitely a fulfilling experience for one and all. 8 Holistic Education aiPs s n Ports ews Our AIPS Volleyball team and Rope Skippers participated in the zonal competitions and the Rope Skippers made it all the way to the nationals, doing us all proud. The following are their achievements: AIPS Volleyball Team North Zone Volleyball Championships Senior Boys – Third AIPS Rope Skipping News north Zone roPe skiPPinG ChaMPionshiPs 2016 Individual Creative Senior Nur Asfarina Binte Mashardy Girls – 2nd Pair Creative Senior Nuryn Falisha Binte Noreffendi Girls – 3rd Ria Adriana Binte Ismadi Shariffah Batrisyia Binte Syed Firdaus Junior Charlize Ashwini D/O Yamalasamy Girls – 4th Sabado Lyka Larisse Malazo Team Creative Junior Bandaru Yashwanth Naga Sai Boys – 1st Jayston Ashwin S/O Yamalasamy Lee Jun Yi Mervyn Jaylan Tan Tan Zhi Jian Xavier Junior Chow Shi Yan Girls – 3rd Kang Jia Wei Onyekaba Regina Tryshanna D/O Jai Shanker Wong Huai Xuan Double Dutch Junior Emmanuel Syukri Onyedika Boys – 1st Aghasiefo Mohamad Faiq Mohd Hezrin Muhammad Anaqi Ridz Syakib Bin Mohd Isham Tan Jia Hui Jaylan Speed Relay Junior Aqeel Danish Anaqi Bin Boys – 3rd Muhammad Irwan Jayston Ashwin S/O Yamalasamy Muhammad Mustaqim Bin Ismadi Tan Zhi Jian Xavier nationals skiPPinG ChaMPionshiPs 2016 Mohamad Faiq Mohd Hezrin Team Creative Overall Junior Boys – 4th Bandaru Yashwanth Naga Sai Lee Jun Yi Mervyn Tan Zhi Jian Xavier Junior Boys – 3rd Jayston Ashwin S/O Yamalasamy Jaylan Tan 9 Holistic Education SYF Arts Presentation 2016 The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation is organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to celebrate the achievements of our students in their Co-curricular Activities (CCAs). It is a fiesta in celebration of Singapore’s unique cultural and artistic diversity. It also reflects MOE’s belief in the importance of a well-rounded education. five CCa GrouPs of aiPs PartiCiPated in this year’s Presentation and the followinG are their aChieveMents: CCA Group Certificate of Angklung Ensemble Accomplishment Chinese Dance Distinction Choir Accomplishment Harmonica Ensemble Accomplishment Indian Dance Distinction Kudos to our five participating CCA groups! 10

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